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Town Branch Writing Collection

Below are clickable links by chapter for the 9th edition (2023-2024) of the Town Branch Writing Collection



Page xiv

Town Branch Web Links (webpage)

WRD Website (webpage)



Page xx

"Where Are They Now?: Catching up to our WRD Grads" (video)


Chapter 1 Rhetoric 

"Mayor Jim Gray on the Rhetorical Force of Words" (video)

"Mayor Jim Gray on Using Pathos and Emotional Persuasion to Change Perceptions of Place" (video)

"Kevin Patterson on the Everyday Importance of Rhetoric" (video)

"Kevin Patterson on the Importance of Storytelling and Perception" (video)


Chapter 2 Rhetorical Situation




Chapter 3 Audience


"Shock Top Sent Me $100 Worth of Swag and Two Awful Beers: That Sums Them Up Perfectly" by Jesse Hughey (article)


"Levi’s® 'Go Forth' commercial" (video)

"In a Fragmented Cultureverse, Can Pop References Still Pop?" by Neda Ulaby (article)


Jason Sudeikis Trying to Use 'Hip' Lingo (video)

Collage of Tarantino Pop Culture References (video)

"Silly Rabbit, Trix Are for Kids" (video)

"To (All) the Colleges that Rejected Me" by Suzy Lee Weiss (article)

Response to Weis in Gawker (article)

Response to Weis in The Washington Post (article)

The Potable Curmudgeon blog (website)

"Second Hand News Usually Is Mistaken" (blog post)

"Nine years later, and absolute power still corrupts Big Red Liquors Absolutely" (blog post)

"Big Red Liquors pursues its monopoly in Indianapolis" (blog post)

"Nine years later, and absolute power still corrupts Big Red Liquors Absolutely" (blog post)

University of Kentucky Hardymon Building Photo (image)


Page 64

“Gender-Neutral Pronouns 101: Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Know” (article)


Page 76

"Stella Parks on Writing and Audiences" (video)


Page 77

Bullhorn Creative (website)

Kentucky for Kentucky (website)

"Griffin VanMeter Describes How Social Media and Audiences Can Help Spread a Media Campaign" (video)

"Kentucky Kicks Ass" (video)


Chapter 4 Strengthening Your Writing Process


"Mayor Jim Gray on Using Writing to Solve Problems" (video)

"Stella Parks on Her Writing Process" (video)

"Stella Parks on Writing Proposals" (video)

Bullhorn Creative (website)

Kentucky for Kentucky (website)

"Griffin Van Meter on Using Writing as a Creative Process" (video)


Chapter 5 Reading and Responding


"Fraternities, cleaning duties, rush and the quest for brotherhood" by Brooke Myers (article)


“Colleges Confront the Perils of Frats" by Katherine Mangan (article)


Chapter 6 Rhetorical Analysis




Chapter 7 Argument




Chapter 8 Using Evidence


“Threats and Responses: The Iraqis; U.S. Says Hussein Intensifies Search for A-Bomb Parts" by Michael R. Gordon and Judith Miller (article)

“The Miller Mess: Lingering Issues among the Answers" by Byron Calame (article)


“CNN, Fox News Err in Covering Supreme Court Healthcare Ruling" by Jeff Sonderman (article)

“We’re Getting Wildly Different Assessments" by Tom Goldstein (article)


“CaroMont’s ‘Cheat Death’ Slogan Drawing a Sharp response" by Jennifer Thomas (article)

“Outliers: New Slogan Dies Quick Death” (article)


"Shattered Glass" by Buzz Bissinger" (article)

“The New Republic Plays the Victim” (article)


Chapter 9 Research

"What is this castle doing in the middle of Kentucky?" (image)

Kentucky Digital Library (website)

Nunn Center for Oral History Permission Form (document)

UKY Libraries Homepage (website)

UKY Art Museum Website (website)

ARTstor (website)

Library of Congress website (website)

ePodunk (website) (website)

The Brookings Institution (website)

The Hoover Institution (website)

“Flesh Descending in a Shower: An Astounding Phenomenon in Kentucky—Fresh Meat Like Mutton or Venison Falling from a Clear Sky” (article)

"Kevin Patterson on Doing 'Research'" (video)


Chapter 10 Citation

Quotations Page (website)

UKY Libraries Homepage (website)

"The Case for the 20-Year-Old Age LImit in the NBA" by Steve Kerr (article)

“The Kentucky Derby Is Decadent and Depraved" by Hunter S. Thompson (article)

"The Winners' History of Rock and Roll, Part 1: Led Zeppelin" by Steven Hyden (article)

"Alternate Ending" by Damon Krukowski (article)

"The Ketchup Conundrum" by Malcolm Gladwell (article)

"Pink Slime" (video)


Page 237

Snopes "Pink Slime and Mechanically Separated Chicken" (article)

YouTube (website)

"Sorry Syracuse: Why the 'Hot Hand' in Basketball (Maybe) Isn't a Real Thing" by Ashley Fetters (article)

"A Hundred Hungry Men at Guantanamo" by Amy Davidson Sorkin (article)

"Will New Teacher Evaluations Help or Hurt Chicago Schools?" by Sarah Neufield (article)

Purdue OWL (website)

Zotero (website)

MIT Overview of Citation Software (webpage)

"Dissed Fish" by Calvin Trillin (article)

Google Books (website)

Google (website)

"Food Fighters": New Yorker's profile of Whole Foods CEO John MacKey (article)

Purdue OWL (website)


Chapter 11 Writing with Style

“The 15 Most Hated Bands of the Last 30 Years" by Prachi Gupta (article)

Smitten Kitchen (blog)

Verdant Kitchen (blog)

"For Summer Cooking, Embrace Simplicity" by Sam Sifton (article)

Silva Rhetoricae (website)

"Criticisms of Meta-Analysis" (article)

"Can You Say...Hero?" by Tom Junod (article)

"Be Cool to the Pizza Dude" by Sarah Adams (oral essay)


Chapter 12 Black English: We Be Talkin’ Our Talk

South Carolina Gullah Geechee Creole (video)

Louisiana Creole and Creole Culture (video)


Chapter 13 Public Speaking

Rhetorical Appeals - Attention Getters (video)

Ted Talk on Death by PowerPoint (video)

Comedian on Death by PowerPoint (video)

Power Poses Ted Talk (video)


Chapter 14 Visual Rhetoric and Design


Mark Steinmetz Gallery (website)

Claude Lorrain’s "Sermon on the Mount" (image)

Game Word Generator (website)

Visual Literacy Tutorials (webpage)

McSweeny's “I'm Comic Sans, Asshole” (article)

The Onion (website)

The Colbert Report (website)

Andrei Rublev's "Trinity" (image)

Tutorial on Visual Unity (document)

Tutorials on Visual Literacy (webpage)

Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper (image)

Tutorial on Emphasis (document)

Tutorial on Grids in Document Design (document)

Tutorial on Fonts and Visual Hierarchies in Document Design (document)

Tutorial on Emphasis (document)

Bill Cunningham New York (webpage)

Bill Cunningham YouTube Channel (website)

Media Literacy Now "What is Media Literacy?" (webpage)

Map of Legislative Efforts on Media Literacy in the US (webpage)

“Misidentification: How the #Antificat Rumor Caught on Like Wildfire" by Erin Gallagher (article)

"5 Lessons on Voter Misinformation from Kentucky's Election in 2019" by Nick Corasaniti (article)

"Recount: A Tale of Kentucky's Gubernatorial Election" by Zac Losey (article)

"How Misinformation 'Superspreaders' Seed False Election Theories" (article)

"Research note: Examining false beliefs about voter fraud in the wake of the 2020 Presidential Election" by Gordon Pennycook and David G. Rand (article)

Washington Post Live Podcast on Voter Disinformation (podcast)

"The Reemergence of Vaccine-Preventable Diseases" (document)

"The Anti-Vaccination Movement: A Regression in Modern Medicine" (article)

"The Discredited Doctor Hailed by the Anti-Vaccine Movement" by Saad B. Omer (article)

"Autism and Vaccines" (webpage)

The Media Manipulation Casebook (website)

"What is Media Literacy?" (webpage)

"Deepfakes and Cheap Fakes: The Manipulation of Audio and Visual Evidence" by Britt Paris and Joan Donovan (report)

The Knight Foundation on Misinformation (webpage)

Pew Research Center on Misinformation (webpage)

"The Ethical Concerns of GANS" by Aidan Curley (article)

"Study Exposes Russia Disinformation Campaign that Operated in the Shadows for 6 Years" by Bobby Allyn (article)

"Why Facts Don't Change Our Minds" by Elizabeth Kolbert (article)

"Are your 'Hamilton' tickets fake?" by Kirby Adams (article)


Chapter 15 Understanding Genres


"What Genre of Music is Coldplay?" (webpage)

Composite Image of Popular Science Magazine Pages (image)


Chapter 16 How to Make Your Own Documentary


The Proust Questionnaire (webpage)


Chapter 17 Considering Accessibility and Disability (webpage) (webpage)

Chapter 18 ChatGPT and LLMs and Their Place in Writing Classes (webpage) (webpage)