Craft Writing: Beer, The Digital, and Craft Culture

John Seabrook

Compressed Course: "Mapping Variation: An Introduction to the Use of Geospatial Tools for Linguistic Analysis" (A&S 500-003)

Investigation of Historical Japanese Book Binding and Paper from the Edo Period (1603-1867)

International Studies Day

Department of English Awards Day

***EVENT CANCELLED DUE TO WEATHER***6th Annual Appalachian Research Community Symposium and Arts Showcase

The State of The Right in Europe and Latin America

Mayan Hip Hop Concert: Tz'utu Baktun Kan

Kasimir & Karoline: A Staged Reading

Music of the Koto: Japan's National Instrument

Blurred Lines: Buddhism in the Chinese Borderlands

Know Your Rights: Community & Law Enforcement in a Post-Ferguson America

The Odyssey -- A Performance by Joe Goodkin

Queer Theory Reading Group

"Perverse Subjects: Becoming Bodies of Literature in the Library"

Long Time Ago... A Performance by Crit Callebs Eastern Band Cherokee Storyteller

Carter G. Woodson Lecture Series: Jasmine McNealy

GWS & AAAS: Breckinridge Hall Open House

"Sleepless Nights/Wasted Time: Seeking Islam in Egypt's Hollywood"

Joyce MacDonald's WIP

CANCELLED--Jared Gardner's Talk

Cancelled--Bagel Hour with Jared Gardner

DaMaris Hill Reading an Excerpt From Her Novel Willows in the Spring

Claudia Roden "Gefilte Fish and Couscous"

Katherine Bullock “Women and Islam”

Mina Yazdani “Religious Diversity in Iran”

“The Arab World and American Democracy”

“The Arab Spring: The Youth Revolts of the Arab World Aren't Over

Tanya Habjouqa, Palestinian Photography

"Religion, Identity and Competing Visions of Islam in Post-Soviet Central Asia"

"My Father’s Paradise: How a Jewish Kid from Los Angeles Traveled to Wartime Iraq in Search of Roots, Identity and His Father's Improbable Life Story "

The Significance of Being First; Competing: Jewish and Arab Discourses

“Democracy at Risk Around the World” with Amaney Jamal; co-sponsored by QPSIR

“Islamist Thought and the Egyptian Revolution”

"How US Policy on Palestine Contributes to the Impasse."

UK Art Museum opening of the exhibit "Containing Culture: Art of the Middle East"

"Pilgrimage in a Tourist Age: The Case of Birthright Israel and the Shaping of Jewish Identity"

“Messy Little Wars: U.S. Approaches to Iraq since 1990.”

“Crossroads and Caravans: Ceramics in the Islamic World"

Start-Up Army: Military Entreprenuers and the Evolution of Israel's Special Operations Forces

UK Education Abroad Fair

“The Future of Islam”

Modern Islamic Art and its sources in the Middle East

"Kosher/Soul? Black-Jewish Identity Cooking"

The "Arab Spring" in Social Media: Possibilities and Perils in a Networked Age

Perelman’s Dissociations: Double Fidélité, Fighting the Nazis, and the New Rhetoric Project’s Canon of Invention

2nd Annual Graduate Conference in Linguistics

"The Embarrassment of Being a Subject: From St. Paul to Internet Porn" With Jennifer Fleissner

Vowels vs. Vader: Exploring the Light & Dark Sides of Indo-European

National Conference on Undergraduate Research

Spring 2014 WRD Writing Gallery Reception

Performance by Ladino rockstar

Presentation by Ladino rockstar

A History of Judaism Through Comix

Word Games with Friends Night- Sigma Tau Delta

The Power of Babel: and Why We Can't Fight it in Our Own Language

All-Nighter All-Writer: WRD at the Writing Center

Analysis and PDE Seminar

Sigma Tau Delta Membership Meeting

Analysis and PDE Seminar

A Blast From the Past: Remembering UK's Jewish Heritage in Greek Life and Beyond

A Blast from the Past

Analysis and PDE Seminar

Craft Writing: Beer, the Digital, and Craft Culture

Analysis and PDE Seminar

Analysis and PDE Seminar

Analysis and PDE Seminar

Analysis and PDE Seminar

Writing Portfolios: Developing a Dynamic Portfolio Practice

5th Biennial Herbert Marcuse Society Conference

Analysis and PDE Seminar

Davis Bottom: Rare History, Valuable Lives

Choosing Your English Classes

National Day of Writing . . . The Longest Short Story Ever

I Live I See: The Poetry of Vsevolod Nekrasov

Languages, Dialects, or Repertoires? Approaches to ethnic language with a focus on Jewish English

Gustavo Arellano presents his book "Taco USA"

Sigma Tau Delta Meet & Greet/Membership Meeting

GREAT GATSBY screening -- Sigma Tau Delta and LNFS

WRD Graffiti Wall and "Real World" Recording

Doughnuts and Coffee from Sigma Tau Delta

Invisible War--Documentary

Sigma Tau Delta meeting

Gurney Norman reads & signs "Ancient Creek"

Poetry Reading in the Open Air

English Pre-Registration Open House

The Best of Both Worlds: Blended Learning in the Language Classroom”

A Geography of Small Spaces

Table, Map and Text: Writing in France circa 1600

MIDNIGHT IN PARIS--movie and costume contest

Translating Ching Chong: Anti-Racist Strategies of Language

Sigma Tau Delta General Membership Meeting

The Urban Age in Question

Derek Gregory, University of British Columbia: “Gabriel's War: Cartography and the Changing Art of War "

Word Games with Friends in English and Sigma Tau Delta

Book Group Discussion-Sigma Tau Delta

Reception for Students Interested in Creative Writing

UK Linguistics Club Event - Tolkien's Imaginary Languages

Sigma Tau Delta Meeting

2nd Lecture in Jewish Studies Speaker Series Nov. 12, 8pm W. T. Young Library

English Department Awards Day

Stefan Pugh, Lecture, "The Rusyns and their language: East Slavs in search of identity"

Daniel Prior, Lecture “Riding through a Kirghiz Epic Poem”

JT Waldman presents "My Pekar Years: Creating Comix and Exploring Judaism with 'Our Man'"

Small-Group Discussion Forums of Presidential Debate

Live Viewing of Presidential Debate

Janet Stamatel Lecture, “Democracy, Crime, & Punishment in Central Eastern Europe”

“b-Mail: Everyday Communication on Birch bark in Medieval Russia”

"Energy Politics in Russia"

"Human Trafficking in the former USSR"

Year of Russia's Realms Animated Film Festival

“Human Trafficking in Eurasia”

“Interpersonal violence in post-Soviet Russia: Socioeconomic change, political change, and alcohol.”

Year of Russia's Realms Animated Film Festival

Pre-Registration Open House hosted by English Department

CFP: Networked Humanities: From Within and Without the University

Kentucky Foreign Language Conference

GWS Research Matters Series: Melissa Stein "Bodies of Knowledge: Historical Perspectives on Race, Gender, and Biological Determinism""

Kathleen Fitzpatrick

UK Queer Reading Group

Irving Roth speaks on "Recollections of a Survivor"

Party in honor of Nikky Finney

Jean Baker discusses her new biography of Margaret Sanger

CHINA Town Hall: Local Connections, National Reflections

Film and Reality: A Conversation with A.O. Scott

“Insiders and Outsiders: Jewish Communities in the Appalachian Coalfields”

The History Department presents Daniel Sharfstein, "Secrets and Lines: Uncovering a History of Race in the United States"

First Friday Panel Discussion - Does Culture Matter in Sustainable Agriculture

Father Justin Sinaites- "'We Knew Not Whether We Were in Heaven or on Earth': The Heritage of Russian Iconography"

Father Justin Sinaites presents "St. Catherine's Monastery in the Sinai Desert: A Direct Link with the Ancient World"

Year of China Lecture Series

Ned Stuckey-French to give lecture "Baldwin, Didion, Digitization, and the Future"

Film: Señoritas Extraviadas

“The Disappeared Señoritas of Ciudad Juárez”

Celebration of Faculty Excellence Reception

The Mythology of the Doudou: Sexualizing Black Female Bodies, Constructing Culture and Nation in the French Caribbean.

English Department meeting

Job Market Workshop for Grad Students

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