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About WRD / WRD Affiliation

WRD Affiliation

Faculty Affiliation Criteria


The Department of Writing, Rhetoric and Digital Studies invites UK faculty to become a member of the Department’s Affiliated Faculty. Becoming an affiliated faculty member in WRD enables you to

1.     Teach courses that fulfill requirements in WRD’s major and minors

2.     Serve on Department Committees

3.     Apply through University and Senate rules to offer cross listed courses with WRD


Procedure and Expectation for Faculty Affiliation

WRD affiliation is open to any full-time faculty member at the University of Kentucky. To apply, please send a

1.     CV

2.     Statement explaining how your research advances WRD research and teaching


Materials can be emailed to the current department chair at jimridolfo at


Affiliations are approved by faculty vote.


Upon affiliation in WRD, we ask that you participate and advance the intellectual life in the department by any one of the following:

1.     Teaching a course

2.     Presenting on research in a WRD brown bag

3.     Attending hiring talks and/or dinners

4.     Attending WRD events and social get togethers

5.     Promoting WRD courses during registration

6.     Working with the department to recruit students to the WRD major and minors



The Department of Writing, Rhetoric, and Digital Studies (WRD) serves the University of Kentucky, local communities, and the broader Commonwealth of Kentucky through the study and teaching of writing and rhetoric as social action in all genres and modes.  We teach our students from the foundational idea that writing and rhetoric are important not only for professional success, but also for the development of an informed, engaged citizenry.  We research and teach the production, critical analysis, and revision of visuals, texts, and other persuasive practices across diverse social, disciplinary, and cultural contexts. We explore innovative uses of digital media and critically examine the ways technology fosters new relationships and contexts for rhetoric and writing practices.  Since writing, rhetoric, and digital studies must move beyond the classroom, we practice and teach civic engagement, advocacy, community building, and critical inquiry in public spaces.  We participate in the University of Kentucky’s Land Grant mission of applied research and outreach.