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About WRD / Careers in Writing

Careers in Writing

 What can I do with a BA/BS in Writing, Rhetoric, and Digital Studies?

 Majoring or minoring in WRD allows you the opportunity to pursue a number of career options.

 WRD prepares you for writing careers in:

  • Specific industries as a content creator or writer in trade publishing (medical, technology, sports, gaming, horse industry, food and beverage)
  • Social media
  • Website design
  • App creation
  • Media relations
  • Technical writing
  • Documentation design
  • Government (technical documentation, lobbying)
  • Public advocacy (NGO work, non-profit)
  • Public policy (organizations that require analytical and research skills)
  • Research specialists (think tanks, legal bodies, industry)
  • Grant writing
  • Speech writing
  • Creative content (video game development, entertainment)
  • Science writing
  • Teaching
  • Education (writing for education companies or agencies)

Students who minor in Professional and Technical Writing can also find jobs as 

  • A medical writer
  • A policy writer
  • A proposal writer
  • A science writer
  • A health writer
  • An nformation designer
  • A technical editor
  • A web editor

Many jobs, as well, in science, health, the military, and engineering require technical writing skills 

WRD also prepares you for advanced study in:

  • Law School
  • Graduate School

Careers begin in WRD.