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Academics / WRD: Composition and Communication / Instructor Guides for WRD 110/111 & 112

Instructor Guides for WRD 110/111 & 112


Need help finding the WRD/ENG 609 policy?

WRD/ENG 609: Exemption policy.


Need help creating a syllabus?

As of fall 2016, all sections of WRD 110, 111, and 112 use our homegrown textbook, the Town Branch Writing Collection ( edited by the Director of Composition Jim Ridolfo, and our student reader The Engaged Citizen ( For supplemental links to most recent edition of the Town Branch Writing Collection, visit

WRD 110: General guidelines.

WRD 111/112: General guidelines.

Instructions for portfolios (handout for students)

Sample portfolio reflection letter/essay

Instructions for using Google Sites as ePortfolio

Instructions for using Google Docs as ePortfolio


Need help with running the classroom? 

Teaching Materials Database: Search handouts, assignments, projects, and classroom activities from other WRD instructors.

A Quick Guide to Teaching with Technology: View this quick overview of the most popular and exciting technologies to use in your C&C classroom. This chart offers comparisons among different tools and gives a breakdown of their pros and cons.  

Race in the UK WRD classroom: a webpage designed by Dr. Steven Alvarez on how to approach the topic of race in generative ways.


Need help with classroom management issues?

Policies and procedures for all courses


Need help with technical questions? 

Do you need some help with Canvas?  

Video Tutorial on using ad hoc Echo 360 recording (and tutorials on other Echo 360 questions). Echo 360 causing you headaches? Contact AV services at 323-6455 or


Need help with mentor/mentee questions? 

Questions about being a mentor or mentee? Please see this handout for an overview of the mentor program in WRD