Composition and Communication

Welcome to the site for Composition and Communication in the Department of Writing, Rhetoric, and Digital Studies (or what we affectionately call “WoRD”).

The Composition and Communication program (or “C&C”) is part of the new UK Core curriculum that is reimagining and revitalizing general education at the University of Kentucky. WRD itself is also a brand new program that houses exciting faculty specializing in digital media, rhetorical theory, argumentation, writing studies, social theory, visual studies, and multimodal composition.

A few years ago, UK students took writing courses in the Department of English and public speaking courses in the Department of Communication. Yet, writing and speaking are not separate activities. They are two expressions of rhetoric, or the act of delivering messages to specific audiences in stylistically and ethically appropriate ways. Reformers at UK made the bold decision to reunite these rhetorical skills into a single curriculum. This is how C&C was born. In WRD/CIS 110 and WRD/CIS111, students learn how to analyze many different kinds of rhetorical situations, conduct research, create written and oral texts, and deliver messages through appropriate media.


Borrowing a phrase from Aristotle, WRD faculty envision their 110 and 111 courses as teaching students to find “all the available means of persuasion.” For 21st century citizens and employees, finding “all available means of persuasion” means knowing how to research online, create digital texts that use video and audio, and how to concisely deliver complex information in front of live audiences. These are the goals of WRD 110 and WRD 111.

Please feel free to look around WRD’s C&C site. I’d also like to invite you to visit our Wordcasts, our new podcast series featuring students who have taken WRD 110 and 111, as well as their instructors. 





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