The Robert E. Hemenway Writing Center

Robert E. Hemenway Writing Center

Summer 2021

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the UK Writing Center offers online appointments (E-tutoring or Online Meetings) for Summer 2021.

Register and schedule at


Dates: July 6th-August 11th

Hours (REMOTE ONLY): Monday-Thursday 10am-3pm 


The Writing Center offers free and friendly help to all UK students, faculty, and staff. We assist with writing, speaking, and multimedia assignments across the curriculum. We offer advice on academic, creative, and professional projects.

 We help clients:

  • begin, develop, and/or review their projects

  • fulfill assignment requirements

  • communicate effectively in specific disciplines

  • document sources fairly and correctly

  • learn and practice academic standards of edited written English

  • develop and polish their writing style

We are committed to helping clients learn editing and proofreading strategies as well as documentation skills.

Clients can schedule one appointment per day.


Choosing an Online Meeting or an E-Tutoring Appointment

Near the top of the appointment form, a client can choose to make an Online (synchronous) Meeting or an e-Tutoring appointment:

• Online appointments are synchronous meetings conducted through an online platform built into WCONLINE. For synchronous online meetings, a client and consultant can use a text chat, document-sharing whiteboard area, and audio/video. To use the built-in audio and video features, make sure your computer system preferences allow microphone and camera access.

E-Tutoring appointments are not chat-based. The client attaches a file to the appointment for the consultant to download, review, and upload. The client and consultant do NOT communicate online during the appointment.


Scheduling and Completing Online Synchronous Appointments

WCONLINE includes a built-in online consultation module, where a student and tutor can meet synchronously online.
Both the student and tutor open the appointment when they are ready to meet, and then click on the link to "Start or Join Online Consultation."

Options that you are likely to look for at the start of an online meeting are:
• the text chat on the right side,
• a button with two arrows to import/export a document at the top right
• audio/video on the left side

With audio/video, you will first need to allow your microphone and camera, and then you can choose to mute or hide audio and/or video. You can also click on the video to make the video larger.
(On mobile devices, icons may be at the bottom of the screen.)

The icon that shows a head-and-shoulders symbols and a number shows how many people are connected to the meeting.

While you can use the arrows to import a document (for example, an entire paper), you might choose to paste a document to avoid working with complicated formatting in the online consultation module.

At any time after your meeting, you can open your own appointment, click the link to go into your meeting, and then use the "timeslider" clock icon in the row of symbols at the top right to "play back" the session, seeing text changes in the order they happened.

If you have trouble connecting or using audio/video, please try to reestablish your connection so that you can resume your meeting.
You can reconnect to your online meeting by closing the meeting, (reopening your appointment if you have been timed out), and clicking "Start or Join Online Consultation."

If you have trouble with audio/video, make sure you have selected "Yes" or "Allow" or "Share" so that your browser can share your webcam and microphone. If you are not sure, click on the video camera icon. If needed, briefly make sure the camera is turned on for your computer. Try reconnecting, or complete this meeting using the text chat.


Scheduling and Completing E-Tutoring Appointments

To schedule an e-Tutoring appointment, click on a white (blank) space. When the appointment window opens, enter the required information, follow the instructions to upload a file, and SAVE the appointment. 

To attach a document to an existing e-tutoring appointment: 

1.) Open your appointment window.

2.) Scroll down to find the following information: "This schedule supports file attachments. To upload a file to this appointment, click 'Edit Appointment' below." 

3.) Click "Edit Appointment" and find the following:"This schedule supports file attachments. To attach a file to this appointment, use the options below. To view attached files, click the 'view appointment' button to return to the appointment overview. File attachments must be 1MB or less and in one of the following formats: .doc, .docx, .numbers, .odt, .pages, .pdf, .rtf, .txt, .wpd, .wps, .xls, or .xlsx." Upload your file to the appointment by using the "Choose file" button.

4.) In the “Document Title” box, enter a brief title for your document.

5.) Scroll down and click on "Save Changes"

Once you have saved the changes, your uploaded document should appear on the appointment form. Verify that the document is uploaded to your appointment. 

At the appointment time, the consultant will review the document, add comments, and upload the review to the appointment form. The review will provide questions and comments. The consultant will NOT revise or edit your work for you but will show you how to revise and edit your work. When the review has been uploaded, you will receive a notification (email/text).


Joining the Waiting List

If no appointments are available, you can join the Waiting List. To the right, beneath each day on the schedule you can click on "Waiting List: Date" and enter the required information to join the waiting list for that date. If an appointment becomes available on that date, you will be notified by email and/or text message. When you receive the email/text, you must log on and try to schedule the appointment. Please note that others on the waiting list are, like you, trying to schedule the open appointment. Whoever schedules first gets the appointment.


Canceling an Appointment

To cancel an appointment, open the appointment window, scroll down, and select "Cancel this appointment" and then click "Okay." You can cancel an appointment at any time before the start time of the appointment. IMPORTANT! If you are unable to keep an appointment (online or e-tutoring), please cancel online before the start time of the scheduled appointment.  

If you MISS your appointment, it is marked as a NO-SHOW. For an e-tutoring appointment, if you do not upload a document (without canceling the appointment), we mark the appointment as MISSED. If you MISS two appointments, your account is disabled for the semester. 


Contact Professor Lisa Schroot, the Writing Center Director, at to discuss UK Writing Center policies or procedures.


We do not provide copy editing at the Wriitng Center. If you are interested in hiring a copyeditor, you can view a list of editors for hire at the following site: 



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