WRD Student Writing Awards

Student work in Writing, Rhetoric, and Digital Studies has a real impact beyond the classroom. In WRD, we value students' abilities to engage in many kinds of research and their willingness to address complex issues. Students in WRD courses often use many kinds of media to create their texts: print, video, audio, in addition to other formats.

Each year, we award excellent student work in our classes at an awards ceremony in April. Individually and team-produced written, visual, audio, and multimedia work by WRD students at all levels is eligible for entry into the contest during the calendar year in which it was produced. To enter the WRD Excellence in Composition Contest, click here.

2014 Winners

Essays and written texts

First place: Melville Hall, "Warring with Evil: How the Romanticism of War Others the Opposing Side"

Second place: Natalie Watkins, "The Second Coming"

Honorable Mentions:
Megan Marcum, "The Force"
Connor Robbs, "The 'Fight for $15' Escalates"
Darianne Young, "Unity beyond Colored Lines: Race Relations and Parallelism in America"

Digital projects
Click on the links to visit/view these award-winning digital projects.

First place: (tie)

Zachary Smith, "Genshi Bakudan"
Ben Wood, Nitalia Harris, Anjana Mandal, and Mitch Jaben, "The Administration Building"

Second place: (tie)

John Tompkins, Elizabeth Dade, Emily Holland, Nathan Sheehan, and Andrew Wylie, "Prison's Purpose"
Anna Woosley, "The Road to Religious Acceptance: The Story of My Father"

Honorable Mentions:

Madeline Hill, "Feminism at UK"
Jillian Marks, "Music and Anxiety"
Kendra Sanders, "Dr. Paul and the Deeper Meaning in Life"

All award-winners are published in the Engaged Citizen, an annually published book used in all WRD 110 and 111 classes.

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