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Wordcasts: The C&C in WRD Podcasts

Wordcast #2: Reflecting on WRD 111



WRD 111 is the second course in the composition & communication sequence at UK. In this class, students compose written, spoken, and multimedia arguments about public issues. In this podcast, one group on their WRD 111 experience at the end of the semester. Students Bailey Ubellacker, Jenny Wu, Daniel Moreland, Jake Persky, and Cameron Sallee talk about what they enjoyed the most and what skills they will take away from this challenging course. This group was part of Dr. Connors-Manke's WRD 111 class. 


Wordcast #1: Twitter



In Wordcast #1, social media is on our mind. This audio podcast features WRD 110 students Tyler Davoren and Elizabeth Kunnecke discussing the role Twitter plays in their reading and writing habits. Tyler and Elizabeth took their WRD 110 in the A&S Wired program, where all students use iPads in their courses. Yet, as they talk about in this brief interview, social media like Twitter can be useful for thinking about writing in lots of different ways.