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Research Interests:
Literacy Studies
Maternal Incarceration
Cultural Rhetorics
Women's Rhetorics
Feminist Mothering Practices
Selected Publications:

“’This call may be monitored and recorded’: Video Visitation as a Form of Surveillance Technology and Its Effect on Incarcerated Motherhood.” Screen Bodies, December 2019.

Review of Performing Antiracist Pedagogy in Rhetoric, Writing, and Communication written by Frankie Condon and Vershawn Ashanti Young. Praxis: A Writing Center Journal, vol 16, no 2, 2019.

“How She Writes Beyond Four Walls.” How We Write from UT’s UWC, ep. 5, 2018,

Review of Women Doing Life: Gender, Punishment, and the Struggle for Identity, written by Lora Bex Lempert. E3W Review of Books, vol. 18, 2018. Print.