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The Spring WRD  Gallery is a showcase of student writing at the University of Kentucky. This installation features texts created in Department of Writing, Rhetoric, and Digital Studies (WRD) courses during the past year. These texts include multimedia documentaries, photoessays, podcasts, websites, and other types of writing that students often create in their WRD classes. 

>>Watch a highlight video on 2013 gallery.

By sharing student work in public, we are not simply “showing off” our students (though we like doing that), but we’re also fulfilling the University of Kentucky’s land grant mission as a public institution. We’re confident that students will leave UK with a better set of writing skills that will earn them good salaries. But, perhaps more importantly, they will also leave with an understanding that writing is always a public and a communal act.

We are celebrating the ways that students are engaging with the written word--and the written world--here at UK. For a full list of all WRD students whose work is showcased in the 2016 Writing Gallery, please see our author page


This year, many WRD students created multi-media documentaries as part of their work in WRD classes. The following is a selection of our teacher-nominated work from 2015 courses. 

Isaac Michael Hayes, "Child Psychology in Girls' Soccer"

Amy Groswald, "Legalizing Weed"

Melanie Berexa, "Knocking Out Parkinson's"

Paige Kington, "Wildcat Service Dogs"

Cameron Gearlds, "What Is Greek Life?"

Molly Shannon, "Anchored: Suicide Prevention and Awareness on UK's Campus"

Kayla Marie Cannon, "Sexual Assault"

Mary Grace Johnson, "CASA: The Quiet Work of Warriors"

Cassidy Breeding, "Dialectically Different: The Story of Appalachian Voices"

Cameron Alexander Lopez, "Promise Kids a Future"

Sierra Rose Goldfarb, "Dance: Judged On and Off the Stage"

Heather Kathleen Burns, "Gaining a New Insight"

Manuel (Tre) Roy Lyerly III, "On the Spectrum"

Savannah Guzman, "Fine Arts LLP"

Adrian Gibson, "Different"

Shayna Holloway, "Being Muslim in America"

Hannah Brookshire, "See Lexington PSA"

Catherine Sturgill, "PSA: The Arboretum"

Lauren Moore, "Keeneland PSA"

Bradley Foreman, "Minor in Marksbury"

Maria Reist, "Seven-Tenths: A Family Portrait"

Sean Murphy, "American Dreams"

Hanna Sutherland, "Hipster Subculture"

Chris Wright, "2062: A Mockumentary"

Tammala King, "Coal Mining: A Family Tradition"

Kayla Burton, "Brothers in Number 7"

Barry Ayotte, Imani Brown, and Austin Helton, "Diversity at UK"

Parker Householder, Hayley McCole, Lisa Nguyen, Fiorella Riveros Salazar, and Andrew Thomas, "UK Solar Car"

Lizzie (Elizabeth) Booth, Sean Cox, Matt Pederson, Shelby Shuplinkov, and Robin Spratling, "Police Brutality"

Bradley Pease, Alexis Russell, Caity Burke, and Tom Jester, "Vietnam War Memorial"

Madeleine Greene, Kelly Kramer, and Layla Middleton, "Wildcat Worldly News: Sex Education"

Kristopher Andrew, Ashley Nalley, and Leslie Smith, "The Feminist's Future"

Adam Brown, Jazz Mansfield, and Tom North, "Kentucky and Heroin"

Ally Iglesias, Micah Finley, Dean Crockett, and Logan Skeens, "Consumers Against Corporations"

Many WRD students have also created websites as part of their research in WRD courses. The websites below are a small sample of the many compelling sites students created during 2015. 

Rachel Dixon, "Career Discourse"

Nigel Taylor, "Find Your Comfort"

Jumanah Mahmoud, "The Journey that Made Me a Better Writer"

Aubrey Lanee Washington, "African Americans Actually Hike"

Andre L Givens, "Bowling Is a Sport Too"

David A Thomas, "New Age Mayan"

Haley D Willett, "Lefties in a Right-Handed World"

Emily Louise Macalka, "Portfolio"

David Mynheer, "Disability on UK's Campus"

Sara Newman, Maygen Semall, and Carmen Siguenza, "Kentucky Farm Chain"

Aahil Hirani, Mike Kimberlin, and Malik Conner, "EarMuffz"

Megan Baker, Jada Linton, Shreeya Shrestha, Daria Smith, and Trish Sutton, "Dove"

David Cottrell, Tiffany Buckley, Veronica Root,and Robert Allen "Mental Illnesses"

Monica Alden, Kate Heinonen, Weston Owen, Esther Putman, and Samuel Wycoff, "Lexington Community Garden"

Cameron Baller, Joshua Dyer, Abigail Eaton, and Erika Goodman, "Climate Change and Food Security"

Sarah Betz and Jennifer Neal, "Advertising on UK campus"

John Crone and Nathaniel Morris, "Kentucky Stereotypes"

Caleb Montgomery and Myra Sleutz, "Living at UK"

WRD students are also enouraged to create podcasts or audio only files as part of their work.

Kristi Mary Ronna Street, "Behind Cubicle Walls: The Tale of an Audio File and its Place in the Work Force"

Carley Stepanek, "The Culture of the Library"

Isabella Hansen, "Nature in the Middle of the City"

Justin Bunch, Josh Carroll, Kaylee Lloyd, Katy Baxter, and Julien Thibault, "Mental Health"

Jairo Villareal, Kara West, Chelsie Abney, and Sean Murphy, "Post-apocalyptic podcast"

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