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Academics / Undergraduate Program / Writing Events and Awards / WRD Undergraduate Research Awards

WRD Undergraduate Research Awards

WRD encourages WRD majors and minors to conduct research at UK.

To help facilitate undergraduate research, WRD will offer up to $1,000 as support.

We encourage work in areas related to writing, rhetorical studies, or digital research. Such work might include:

  • Studies of social media trends
  • Documentary production
  • Research into political rhetoric
  • Policy research
  • Social activism based research
  • Health care rhetoric research
  • Specific industry research regarding workplace communication, digital production, branding, or other areas
  • Research into the teaching of writing
  • Archive construction

To apply, please send a two page letter to the department chair at in which you

  • Describe your project and its potential for scholarship or the public
  • Provide a budget and your need for the funding
  • Note any other funding you are current receiving (if any)

Applications will be reviewed and funded on a rolling basis. Decisions will be made by WRD's Steering Committee.