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Goals for WRD 111


In this course, students will demonstrate the ability to

• compose in writing and deliver orally with visuals (in a face-to-face or digital environment) at least one major project grounded in scholarly research in a manner that is appropriate and effective for the audience, purpose, and occasion. (The development of one or more major research projects is the course’s primary educational focus.)

• conduct significant research on a subject, using the resources of the UK Libraries

• employ advanced strategies for developing ideas and analyzing arguments, with greater emphasis on addressing and mediating issues of public interest, and with evidence of critical thinking in both the conception and the development of the thesis.

• refine their speaking, writing, and visual communication skills, focusing on matters of construction, design, and delivery style.

• critique the work of peers and professionals.

• revise their written and oral presentations, in collaboration with peers, instructor, librarians, and pertinent members of the public.

• employ and evaluate interpersonal and small group communication skills.