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2021 WRD Excellence in Composition Awards

Congratulations to all of our undergraduate award recipients! 


Essay or Other Written Project

First Place

“Health, Society, and Soul: African American Relation to Food Proposal and Annotated Bibliography”

Project Creator: Piper Eades

Second Place


Project Creator: Abigail Mitchell

Honorable Mention

“The Literacy and the Illicit”

Project Creator: Meghan Brockman

Documentary or Other Film

First Place

“Fighting Crowded Dorms & Empty Plates”

Project Creators: Kaylee Becknell, Bruno Athie Teruel, Rae Cascio, Riley Droppleman, Meg Samuel


Second Place

“The Freshman Fight: Eating Disorders”

Project Creators: Lexi Crockett, Paige Finkbonner, Ellen Roof, Marena Warta


Honorable Mention


Project Creators: Margaret Connor, Kinley Jarvis, Anne Nombe, Lilly Swanz


Photo Essays

First Place

“Health, Society, and Soul: The African American Relation to Food”

Project Creator: Piper Eades

Second Place (tied)

“What's Eating 2nd and 3rd Generation Immigrants?”

Project Creator: Kayla Borland

Second place (tied)


Project Creator: Nevaeh Eggleston


Honorable mention

"A Look Inside Isolation"

Project Creator: Kathryn Theodore



First Place (Tied)

“The Decline of Appalachian Coal Communities”

Project Creator: Chris Gray


First Place (Tied)

“YouTube's Bias Against LGBTQ+ Creators”

Project Creators: Grace Moehring, Nate Peters, Susanna Moser, Cooper Moore


Honorable Mention

“Reproductive Healthcare Access”

Project Creators: Rebecca Ahn, Katie (Katelyn) Collins, Eleni Karelis, Kaitlyn Keeley, Alencia Simpson

Honorable Mention

“Bluegrass Music in Kentucky”

Project Creators: Tyler Gash, Olivia Greene, Patrick Yopp, William Molloy, Emily Bradburn


Honorable Mention

“Immigration in Kentucky”

Project Creators: Christine Argus, Matt McCarter II, Connor Ryken



First Place

“How Stella Donnelly Helped Shape the #Metoo​ Movement”

Project Creator: Elizabeth Drawe