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Emily Naser-Hall

Emily Naser-Hall is a Ph.D candidate in the Department of English at the University of Kentucky. She earned a BA from Tulane University, a Juris Doctor from DePaul College of Law, an LL.M. in National Security Law from Georgetown, and an MA in Literature from Northwestern University. Her research focuses on post-1945 American literature and film, cultural narratives, and the intersection of law and literature. Her work has been published in Confluence, ASAP/J, Studies in the American Short Story, Popular Culture Studies Journal, Tulane Journal of International Law, DePaul Journal for Social Justice, the Proceedings of the Third Purdue Linguistics, Literature, and Second Language Studies Conference, and the collected anthology Screening #MeToo: Rape Culture in Hollywood. Additional publications are forthcoming from The Journal of Cinema and Media Studies, Arizona Quarterly, and New Review of Film and Television Studies. Her public scholarship has also appeared with Horror Homeroom and Certified Forgotten.