Understanding Stakeholder Perspectives

This roll playing assignment presents students with a prompt and stakeholder on a shared topic in order to help them conceptualize stakeholder viewpoints. You can use any topic or context, but I like to keep it focused on campus  because they tend to be more passionate about those issues. The topic and context is projected on the board, and one slip with a stakeholder is handed out to each group. Groups will have 5-10 minutes to formulate an argument they believe their stakeholder would make. They should prepare their argument as a one minute statement that they would deliver at the event. I also like to add an element where their statement is make using ethos, pathos, or logos as the primary rhetorical technique. Then, the class will guess which of the three they are using (these often overlap for them, but it gives the rest of the class a reason to listen and interact).
Course Name: 
WRD 111
Assignment Type: 
Classroom Activity
Group Activity
Assignment Length: 
One Class Period
Primary Pedagogical Focus: 
Instructions to Students: 
(On a PowerPoint Slide)
Topic: Your stakeholder is attending a public forum with the President of the University about the new dormitory construction on campus.
Context: The University has decided to move forward with new dorms despite the increasingly tough budget crisis and rumors of more layoffs are circling around campus.
Assignment: Based on your stakeholder, prepare a statement for the public forum in which you forward your stakeholder’s position (about 1 minute). Your statement should include at least one argumentative appeal (ethos, pathos, or logos). Then, you will read your statement to the class who will then determine the types of appeals you used in your argument (Do not give away in your answer! We’ll guess).
(Stakeholders I use for this prompt)
Incoming Freshman Class of 2017
Current UK Students
Parents of incoming UK students
Board of Trustees
Construction Firm Building Dorms
President of the University
Graduate Students
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