Plagiarism is Scary

Course Name: 
WRD 110
WRD 111
WRD 112
WRD 205
Assignment Type: 
Classroom Activity
Lesson Plan
Assignment Length: 
One Class Period
Primary Pedagogical Focus: 
Preparation Guidance and Instructor Advice: 

Well, it is, isn’t it? I hate having to pursue a plagiarism case, so I like to be upfront about how dire the consequences are if you get accused of it. Spooking students out a little seems to work. This is a powerpoint I give which outlines the various kinds of plagiarism—including the trickier instances like ineffective paraphrasing. It also provides some tips on how to avoid plagiarism.

After I’ve gone through the powerpoint, I divide students into groups and assign them ‘case studies’ to look over. (You can get some good examples of both plagiarism and proper source integration from these sites: pennstate, princeton,  ).  Each group must evaluate its case study to determine whether or not it’s plagiarized. If it’s plagiarism, the group must then come up with a recommendation for the writer to fix the paper. If the sources are cited properly, the group must explain what the author did right. Finally, I have the groups present their case studies and explain their findings to the rest of the class.

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