Library Scavenger Hunt - Research Edition


This is a library scavenger hunt for use at W.T. Young that I plan to do in addition to a short lecture that uses the student's project topics as examples on how to use databases and find sources. I found that many of my students in WRD 110, even those taking UK 101, knew the basics of the library and how to socialize there, but were intimidated by actually finding and using resources.

This scavenger hunt will be set up in groups. I plan to stagger the questions and give each group a different book, periodical, and government document to find, but I have attached the worksheet for one completed set of questions with an answer key. The questions require them to not only find (or ask someone about), but to actually make use of the sources that they find in some way. It also asks them to show comprehension of the basic organization of the library and requires them to visit many parts of the library they might otherwise overlook, like government documents. I am hoping that by having them do this as a group early in the semester, fewer students will be too embarressed to ask how to read call numbers refusing to use the library. It will hopefully make them more comfortable with the variety of research tools it offers to them, as well as act as a good team-building exercise for group dynamics.  

* I have adapted this activity from a suggestion by Dax Jennings. 

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WRD 110
WRD 111
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