Introducing a Fellow Student (using writing, powerpoint slides, and a speech)

This Introducing Students Assignment worked really well and immediately (on the second day of class) pulled students into speaking, writing, and noticing differences between the two.

Lesson Plan:


1. (10-15 minutes)The class brainstormed some generic open-ended interview questions

2. (20 minutes) Students (who didn't know each other) took turns interviewing each other and taking extensive notes.

3. (homework assignment) Based on this interview, each student wrote a two paragraph summary about his or her classmate.

4. (presentations took an hour or so) They also created a two slide powerpoint which accompanied a one-minute introduction to the class.

5. Students filmed the person introducing them (using Imovie) but you could just do an ad hoc echo recording instead.

6. (10-15 minutes in-class writing) Then, students evaluated both speeches and wrote another response to the prompt below.


Instructions: Take out a separate sheet of paper and (with your partner) watch both speeches. Then write a paragraph in which you respond to the speech about you (5-8 sentences) and a second paragraph about your own speech. (This could be done electronically too.)


First Paragraph

Here are the questions to answer when viewing the speech about you:

  • What would you add to get your personality across better? This could be facts, music, images, a film of you, anything that can be included in a power point.
  • What would you edit out to make this introduction more focused or accurate?


Second Paragraph

Here are the questions to answer when viewing your own speech (the one about your partner):

  • How organized does this speech seem? What might make it more focused and organized?
  • Do you notice anything about your delivery (voice, body movements, focus on audience, incorporation of slides, pauses, fillers such as “um” or “like”) that you could improve? What specifically would you do differently in your performance?
  • What do you think came across well in your own introduction?



Course Name: 
WRD 111
Assignment Type: 
Classroom Activity
Inventional Activity
Assignment Length: 
Multiple Class Periods
Primary Pedagogical Focus: 
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