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acba229's picture
Graduate TA, Limestone Website Manager
1218 POT, Mailbox, 1243 POT
cabohl2's picture
PhD Candidate, Teaching Assistant
1202 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 257-6976
bibrun2's picture
mhbr224's picture
PhD Candidate, Graduate Assistant, Assistant Coordinator, 2017 International Conference on Narrative
Twentieth and Twenty-First Century American Literature and Culture, Comics and Graphic Novels, Literary Theory and Criticism, Community-Engaged Teaching, Philosophy and Literature
POT 1302
aacloy2's picture
1306 Patterson Office Tower
mlco226's picture
Teaching Assistant, WRD
slco238's picture
Graduate Assistant
cacr223's picture
Graduate Intern, Division of Writing, Rhetoric, & Digital Media, Teaching Assistant
cada233's picture
Ph.D. Candidate
International Relations, Comparative Politics, Bank Secrecy, Capital Mobility, Terrorism, Organized Crime, Violent Non-State Actors, State Stability
1618 Patterson Office Tower
JREV223's picture
1318 Patterson Office Tower
mpfr222's picture
20 and 21st Century American Literature, Post-45 American Literature, African American Literature
POT 1206
jgo233's picture
ENG - Graduate Student TA
1206 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 257-6986
cdgo225's picture
Teaching Assistant
POT 1218
amra223's picture
EGSO Events Committee Coordinator
1302 Patterson Office Tower
phe223's picture
PhD candidate in English
Twentieth and Twenty-First Century British Literature and Culture, Postcolonial Studies, (Post)colonialism, World Literature in English
1306 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 257-6994
orho223's picture
Film, Disability Studies, Masculinity studies, American studies
1206 Patterson Office Tower
JLBR234's picture
Instructor (2012-present), Teaching Assistant (2011-2012)
Late Modern Philosophy, especially Friedrich Nietzsche, Ethics, epistemology, feminism, Philosophy of Race, History of Philosophy, Science Fiction
1222 Patterson Office Tower, 1443 Patterson Office Tower
859-257-3517, 8592577002
erko224's picture
jsle222's picture
Adjunct Faculty Instructor
Humanism, Renaissance Literature, Church History, Reformation and Counter-Reformation
1318 Patterson Office Tower
DRLE226's picture
Morphology, Syntax, Language Endangerment, Muskogean Linguistics, Bantu Linguistics, Arabic
afme222's picture
PhD Candidate, Graduate Instructor
1302 Patterson Office Tower
DMMI236's picture
PhD Candidate and Graduate Teaching Assistant
19th Century British Literature, Victorian Novel, Gender and Women's Studies, Economic Criticism, Labor and Working Class, Industrialization
1222 Patterson Office Tower
jana222's picture
PhD Candidate, ENG Instructor, WRD Instructor
African American Literature, Performance, 20th Century American Literature
1322 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 257-6993
appa223's picture
Graduate instructor
rlpa224's picture
1218 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 257-6990
drre222's picture
Graduate Instructor
Modernism (British, Literary Theory, Psychoanalysis, The Novel, Critical Social Theory
1322 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 257-6993
jjro228's picture
hru223's picture
1302 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 257-7001
ccshie2's picture
(859) 257-6986
vst225's picture
Ph.D. Candidate and Graduate Teaching Assistant
Victorian Novel, Gender and Women's Studies, 19th-century British Women Writers, Animal Studies
1318 Patterson Office Tower
GTE223's picture
PhD Candidate, Teaching Assistant
19th-century American Women Writers, Gender and Sexuality, late-nineteenth and early-twentieth century literature, Spatiality
1218 Patterson Office Tower
NMTR223's picture
Doctoral Student, Instructor for WRD110/WRD 111, EGSO Treasurer
20th Century British and Irish Poetry, Trauma Literature and Trauma Studies, World War I Poetry, Social Theory, Cultural Theory, British modernism, Pastoral
1222 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 257-6988
kewh225's picture
Area Chair of Whedon Studies, Midwest Popular Culture Association
1522 Patterson Office Tower
crwi228's picture
1518 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 257-1840
bjwi224's picture
Teaching Assistant, ENG
Literature of the U.S. South, Transatlantic Modernism, Global Modernism, African-American Literature, Hermeneutic Theory, Theories of Violence and Apocalypse, Religion and Culture in the U.S.
1322 Patterson Office Tower
mpbone2's picture
Graduate Student/ Teaching Assistant
1202 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 257-6976
kewr222's picture
Sociolinguistics, WRD Teaching Assistant
Racialized Language, Historical Sociolinguistics, Neurolinguisitcs, Language Contact and Sprachbünde, Language Planning and Policy, Mother-Tongue Education, Sociphonetics, Social Equity, Critical Race Theory, Cultural and Media Studies, Discursive Psychology, Language Ideologies, Entextualization
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