Creating sonic (audio) postcards

See the link here. These are terrific and generated by actual students! 




Transom is a project of Atlantic Public Media, the non-profit parent of Cape Cod’s public radio station. On WCAI, we air short pieces we call Sonic IDs—little fragments of life as lived by our neighbors. We run them in the interstitial time all day long—30 and 60 second portraits, actualities, and stories. Recently, we assigned Sonic IDs to the participants in a Transom Story Workshop. They aced them. We got a lovely crop of these mini-documentaries. So we decided to feature them on Transom, along with tips from the students about their collection and production process. They’re short, after all—surprisingly thoughtful moments designed for the modern attention span. Jay A


Course Name: 
WRD 110
WRD 111
WRD 112
Assignment Type: 
Classroom Activity
Major Project
Group Activity
Assignment Length: 
Multiple Class Periods
Primary Pedagogical Focus: 
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