Brainstorming in the Archives

This worksheet is an activity for use in the archives or in class working with objects of groups of materials for idea generation.  The basic format relies on the ideas in Savini's article "Looking for Trouble" which is also attached.  It takes roughly an entire class period, or 30-60 min depending on how you structure the activity.

This activity was used in connection with a guided visit to the M I King library with the special collections librarians.  They created 5 tables with different types of materials, i.e. one table of maps, one of yearbooks, one of sports related texts, one with photographs and materials on Memorial Hall, etc. for the students to use as prompts for their major project. 

Basic instructions:

  • Each student gets 2 copies of the sheet (double-sided) so that they can write about 4 different objects/tables/groups of materials
  • Students get 5-15 min at each table to browse materials and answer questions (depending on how much time and materials you have accessible)
  • Students can answer the questions quietly or you can have them answer on their own sheet of paper but work together as a group.
  • After answering the questions students can take these notes to help me prepare for their initial project proposal or as a source to be mined for further brainstorming activities in or out of class.
Course Name: 
WRD 110
Assignment Type: 
Classroom Activity
Group Activity
Inventional Activity
Assignment Length: 
One Class Period
Primary Pedagogical Focus: 
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